Welcome to the customer portal platform for Argus Heating staff

On this page you will find links to all of Argus Heating's customer portals.

Who are the customer portals for?

This page is provided for Argus Heating staff to access all of our customer portals. Each customer portal has been designed for a specific audience and/or customer and access is provided on request. Please refer any requests for access to the marketing manager.

Protecting our intellectual property

Argus Heating has many years of experience in IBC heating. The knowledge gained during this time represents significant intellectual property and a key advantage over our competitors. These portals have been developed so that we can provide customers with the convenience of digital copies of our documents while protecting our intellectual property as much as possible. The portals also ensure that customers always have access to the most up to date documents.


This portal provides the SpaceKraft team with access to specification sheets, training material, and other resources to help them support their customers to get the best results from their heated IBCs.
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This portal provides Loscam's team with access to specification sheets, quick start guides, and other resources to support their Multi-Trip Heater and digital controller.
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IBC Foil Heater Handbook

Argus Heating's IBC Foil Heater Handbook provides guidelines to help customers get the best results from their IBC foil heater. The portal provides access to an online version of the handbook and customers can also be provided with printed hard copies at no charge. We provide digital access in this way so that customers will always have access to the most up to date version. The handbook is not distributed as a pdf or made available for download.
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