Perfecting the process for probiotics

BioBrew produces fresh microbial products for the agricultural, equine, and companion animal sectors. Their living probiotic brews provide customers with world-class microbial and probiotic technology at a fair price. BioBrew approached Argus Heating for assistance with maintaining a reliable temperature in the commercial-scale fermentation vessels for their liquid probiotic products.

The problem

BioBrew came to Argus Heating with a very specific problem:

How can we maintain a reliable temperature in commercial-scale fermentation vessels for our liquid probiotic products?

They were ramping up a production prototype and had little experience in the area of maintaining the temperature of large volumes of liquids. One of the key issues was that the temperature around the element could not rise above a certain point.

The solution

Argus Heating came up with a customised heating element that is precisely adjustable.

The controls are easy to use and the display shows clearly what is going on. The element is easy to clean and inspect for residue — an important consideration as part of a clean, food-grade process.

These elements have helped a start-up company to expand from a cottage industry to a true industrial scale operation while maintaining the trusted quality and predictability of the their products. The custom immersion heaters produced by Argus Heating are now in use in three manufacturing plants with great results.

Key requirements

  • ‍Precise temperature control
  • Food grade construction
  • Portability
  • Reliability
  • Simplicity