Laboratory Still Elements

Argus Heating design, manufacture, and distribute laboratory still elements. Made of quality materials and excellent construction, these still elements will last for many years.

Features and benefits

  • Tough, with extremely good heat shock resistance.
  • Suitable for intermittent heating.
  • Flexible power cord.
  • Does not cause metal oxide contamination.
  • Safely heats corrosive materials.
  • Closed off rounded end for leak prevention and ease of cleaning.
  • Consistent heating through the full length of the hot zone.


  • Quartz glass tube outer and inner.
  • Resistance heating wire.
  • 2-core 90 ºC PVC flexible power cord.
  • Custom made up to 2300 W, 12-280 V, and a length of 450-520 mm.


Typically used for:

  • Chemical laboratories
  • Medical laboratories
Laboratory still elements provide excellent performance and many years of service. A large range of sizes and ratings can be custom-made to suit your application.