Improve efficiency and reduce costs with a heating solution optimised for your application

We partner with our customers to develop heating solutions that add value and reduce risk. By listening to your needs and understanding your business requirements, our team can recommend the best solution for your application.

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Covid-19 update:

Argus Heating will remain closed to visitors; however, we are open for all email or phone enquiries and orders.

How to contact us
Our sales and customer service teams will be available as normal either by phone or email. Please email your enquiries to or complete the enquiry form on our contact page (Contact us button links to web form).

Customer stories

Argus Heating developed a custom adhesive foil heater to reduce dampness in office printers. Technicians installed the paper heater kit in printers during set-up in workshops nationwide. The technicians reported that the reliability of the printers increased significantly and that they had not seen any dampness issues since installing heater kits.
Argus Heating came up with a customised heating element that is precisely adjustable. The controls are easy to use and the display shows clearly what is going on. The element is easy to clean and inspect for residue — an important consideration as part of a clean, food-grade process.  The custom immersion heaters are now in use in three manufacturing plants with great results.

Our process


Contact a member of our team to discuss your application. Our sales team will recommend a solution based on your requirements. If you have ordered from us before and you know the product stock code, simply email or phone our customer services team to place an order.

Design approval

We will send you the design and quotation to check and approve. This is your opportunity to make sure our proposal meets your specifications.

Design and quotation

If you are not ordering a standard product, we will prepare a design and quotation based on your application. Depending on the complexity of the design we may contact you again for further information.

Manufacture and delivery

Once you approve the design and accept the quotation, we will begin manufacture of your product.