Bulk Container Heating

During transportation and storage, many foodstuffs, oils and chemicals, cool and become viscous or solidify, making it very difficult to decant the product. We design and manufacture a wide range of heating products for bulk handling and packaging applications, which provide a cost effective solution to this problem.

Single trip foil heaters

Our Range

IBC Foil Heaters

Many foodstuffs, oils, and chemicals can thicken or even become completely solid as they cool during storage or transportation, making them difficult to dispense from an IBC. Our single-trip foil heaters are a cost effective solution to this problem.

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IBC Heating Jackets with Digital Control

IBC heating jackets are designed to heat the contents of an IBC, reducing the viscosity of products, or melting solids so they can be poured. Argus Heating’s jackets are fitted with a compact digital temperature controller that provides easy to use, yet precise, temperature control.

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