IBC Foil Heaters

Many foodstuffs, oils, and chemicals can thicken or even become completely solid as they cool during storage or transportation, making them difficult to dispense from an IBC. Our single-trip foil heaters are a cost effective solution to this problem.

A single-trip heater is fitted in the base of an IBC. When the IBC arrives at its destination, the heater is connected to a power supply and gradually warms the product until it can be easily dispensed. Foil heaters come in a variety of configurations and are designed to suit the construction and size of the IBC and the product being heated. Argus Heating will custom design an IBC foil heater to meet your specific requirements.

Features and benefits

  • Highly efficient source of heat due to direct contact with the liner bag.
  • Cost effective and can reduce labour and unnecessary handling.
  • Can reduce capital costs by eliminating the need for specialised hot rooms or water baths.
  • Even distribution of heat across the surface of the heater.


  • Silicone insulated heating cable laminated between layers of Kraft paper and aluminium foil.
  • Universal IEC plug supplied as standard (other plug options available on request).


Typically used to heat:

  • Milk fat products
  • Vegetable oils and fats
  • Foodstuffs
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical ingredients
A foil heater provides a cost effective and reliable single-trip solution for heating products in an IBC, providing storage and transport efficiency over alternatives.