Band Heaters

Band heaters are high watt density heaters used to heat pipes for production and industrial work such as extrusion or moulding.

Argus Heating distributes and custom designs a range of band heaters for special application.

Features and benefits

  • Custom holes and cut-outs are available for thermocouples on request.
  • Terminal posts or terminal leads: leads can be covered with a braided metal sheath or a stainless steel conduit.
  • Custom bands for special applications available.
  • Because band heaters have excellent insulation, operating costs remain low and the external surface remains relatively cool.


  • Corrosion resistant steel sheets enclosing mica-clad elements.
  • Band heaters are tightened around the cylinder using radial lock-up tabs, or roller clamps.


Typically used for:  

  • Economical source of heat for plastic industry heaters, such as injection and blow moulding, as well as plastic extrusion.
  • Constant heat for pipe and tank heaters in production environments.
  • Precise heat for pharmaceutical equipment heaters.
  • Heating bulk materials in drum and fluidised bed heaters.
  • Accurate heat for food industry production.
Cylindrical band heaters are used across a number of industries and applications. These heaters are high quality, competitively priced, and can also be custom designed.