Band Heaters

Argus Heating distributes the Hotwatt and Tempco range of US-made cylindrical band heaters. These high quality band heaters are competitively priced.

Custom designed bands are available for special applications. Standard items are available ex-stock from the US.


  • One-piece band heater: diameter from 25mm to 355mm max. 
  • Two-piece band heater: diameter from 75mm to 825mm max.  
  • Band heater widths from 25mm to 203mm max. 
  • Custom holes and cut-outs are available for thermocouples on request. 
  • Terminal posts or terminal leads: leads can be covered with a braided metal sheath or a stainless steel conduit.


  • Corrosion resistant steel sheets enclosing mica-clad elements. 
  • Tightened around the cylinder using radial lock-up tabs, or roller clamps.


  • Plastic industry heaters 
  • Injection moulding 
  • Fluidised bed heaters 
  • Blow moulding 
  • Plastic extrusion 
  • Drum heaters 
  • Pipe or tank heaters 
  • Food industry 
  • Pharmaceutical equipment heaters 
  • Processing equipment heaters
Cylindrical band heaters are used across a number of industries and applications. These heaters are high quality, competitively priced, and can also be custom designed.