Cable Heaters

Argus Heating supply a large range of cable heaters suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Features and benefits

  • Fast heat response times.
  • Maintains heat and desired temperature for long periods.
  • Can be custom formed into any shape.


  • Each heater fitted with K-type thermocouples
  • 1.1 m long metal braid covered Teflon leads - ‘L’
  • Annealed sheaths
  • 100 mm cold zones – ‘B’ (unheated)
  • Tested in accordance with AS/NZS3760-2010+A2


Typically used for:  

  • Heating liquids, gases, plastics, and molten lead.
  • Used as an semi-permanent emergency replacement solution for mica bands.
  • Constant heat for pipe and tank heaters in production environments.
  • Precise heat for pharmaceutical equipment heaters.
Cable heaters are a versatile heating element and are often used as an emergency replacement for mica bands.