Cartridge Heaters

Argus Heating design and manufacture a range of low watt density cartridge heaters and distribute the Hotwatt and Tempco range of high watt density cartridge heaters throughout Australasia.

These are competitively priced, high-quality brands and available ex-stock.


  • Cartridge heaters rely on close metal to metal fitting to efficiently transfer the heat, reducing the cartridge temperature and maximising the life of the cartridge heater. 
  • Standard sheath material Series 300 stainless steel. Incoloy 800 available on request. Fitted as standard with Teflon or fibreglass insulated lead wires. 
  • Range of custom fittings available including a variety of post-terminals, lead terminations, armour fitting, braided leads, threaded fitting, and terminal enclosures. 
  • Hotwatt and Tempco cartridges offer a wide watt density range of 3.1 to 46.5W/cm². 
  • Argus Heating cartridges have a maximum watt density of 6W/cm­².


  • ‍The element spiral is encapsulated in magnesium oxide sand, close to the surface of the tube. The cartridge is swaged to increase the efficiency of the insulating sand.


  • Compressor crankcases
  • Labelling machines 
  • Glue pots 
  • Heat sealing bars
  • Dies 
  • Plastic moulds 
  • Platens 
  • Shoe machinery 
  • Medical equipment 
  • Hot melt adhesive 
  • Food processing equipment 
  • Packaging equipment
Cartridge heaters are available in both high and low watt densities. They are also known as heater cartridges, tubular cartridge heaters, and swaged cartridge heaters.