Cartridge Heaters

Cartridge heaters are tube-shaped industrial heaters that provided localised and precise heat. Argus Heating’s cartridge heaters are high-quality, efficient, and easy to use, versatile, and reliable.

Features and benefits

  • Cartridge heaters rely on close metal to metal fitting to efficiently transfer the heat, reducing the cartridge temperature and maximising the life of the cartridge heater.
  • Range of custom fittings available including a variety of post-terminals, lead terminations, armour fitting, braided leads, threaded fitting, and terminal enclosures.


  • The element spiral is encapsulated in magnesium oxide sand, close to the surface of the tube. The cartridge is swaged to increase the efficiency of the insulating sand.
  • Standard sheath material Series 300 stainless steel. Incoloy 800 available on request. Fitted as standard with Teflon or fibreglass insulated lead wires.


Typically used for:

  • Heating hard to melt materials such as dies, hot sealing bars, glue pots, plastic moulds, and compressor crankcases.  
  • Heating for adhesive, labelling machines, and packaging equipment.
  • Heating platens for applications such as printing.
  • Accurate heat for process equipment such as food processing or medical equipment.
Cartridge heaters are available in both high and low watt densities. They are also known as heater cartridges, tubular cartridge heaters, and swaged cartridge heaters.