Ceramic Band Heaters

Ceramic band heaters are higher watt density heaters, suited to applications that use high melt temperature products such as engineering resins.

Argus Heating also offer a full repair or re-build service on ceramic band heaters.

Features and benefits

  • Bands can be fitted with a layer of ceramic fiber insulation between the bricks and the outer casing. This insulation conserves energy and can reduce heat loss and operating costs by up to 35%.
  • High watt-density (up to 8.5 W/cm²) and high temperature operation up to 760 °C. This is a higher temperature point compared to standard band heaters.


  • ‍Helically wound nickel chromium element spirals fitted into interlocking ceramic insulating bricks to form a flexible heating mat held in place by a stainless steel outer shell.


Typically used for:

  • Economical source of heat for plastic industry heaters for applications such as injection and blow moulding, as well as plastic extrusion.
  • Accurate heat for high melt temperature engineering resins.
These high quality ceramic band heaters are ideally suited to the high melt temperatures required by many engineering resins. Repair and rebuild is also available.