Drum Heating Jackets with Digital Control

Drum heating jackets are specifically designed to gently warm the contents of drums to reduce the viscosity of products or melt solids. These versatile jackets are fitted with a compact digital temperature controller, providing easy to use and precise temperature control.

Features and benefits

  • Drum heating jackets are available to suit 25, 50, 105 and 200 L drums.
  • The large surface area of the heating jackets ensures maximum uptake of heat, and the insulation layer greatly reduces heat losses.
  • The digital temperature controller provides control from 0-90 ºC, allowing you to maintain an optimum temperature for your product.
  • Approximate warm-up duration is 24 hours to raise 200 litres of water from +15  ºC to +80  ºC with a 1200 W drum heater.


  • Durable Teflon coated polyester outer.
  • Efficient polyester insulation.
  • High temperature silicone heating cable.
  • Easy quick-release buckles.
  • Durable polycarbonate enclosed digital controller.
  • Two metre power cord and moulded 3-pin AS/NZ plug.


Typically used for:

  • Reducing the viscosity of greases, fats, and oils.
  • Heating chemicals, paints, and adhesives.
  • Warming syrups such as honey, while protecting the beneficial components of the product.
  • Warming cosmetic or chemical ingredients to an optimum temperature for production processes.
Drum heating jacket with insulated lid and digital controller.