Furnace and Kiln Spiral Elements

Argus Heating design and manufacture a wide range of custom-made furnace and kiln spiral elements.

Features and benefits

  • Argus Heating can custom design  and manufacture elements.
  • Made from quality wire that can withstand high temperatures.


  • Long lasting spirals are produced from high quality Kanthal A1 and D resistance wire.
  • Our skilled and experienced team spin this wire using custom made mandrels and machines to produce high quality spirals.
  • A range of terminating options are available including: straight wire tails, twisted tails, and 8 mm diameter Kanthal A1 rod terminals.


Typically used for:

  • High temperature and process ovens used in production environments.
  • High temperature furnaces for applications such as metal tempering and melting, annealing, ceramics, and bricks.
  • Pottery and ceramic kilns both in commercial and hobby environments.
Our skilled and experienced team can custom design these elements by spinning high quality Kanthal A1 and D resistance wire using specialist mandrels and machines.