Infrared Heating Elements

Infrared heating is an economical way of gradually heating a room to the perfect temperature without creating a draught or breeze.

Features and benefits

  • Infrared heat travels large distances, warming objects in its path rather than the surrounding air.
  • High-purity quartz tube minimises heat transmission losses.
  • Long operating life due to high quality materials.
  • Fast heat-up time.
  • Exact replacements available for most brands of heater.
  • Custom wattages and sizes can be made to order.


  • Coiled resistance wire, quartz tube, with brass, ceramic or nickel-plated steel end caps.


Typically used for:

  • Removing the chill form bathrooms, workstations, and patios.
  • Consistent and dry heat for paper, laminating, and print drying.
  • Heating adhesives and plastics for production.
  • Accurate heat for laboratory still elements.
A large range of infrared heating elements are available ex-stock or can be custom-made. We also repair quartz tube, ceramic tube, and ceramic rod infrared heaters.