Insert Elements

Insert elements provide an effective way to heat storage tanks without direct product contact. They are a good solution for temperature sensitive and difficult to heat materials.

Features and benefits

  • ‍Heat is transferred to the inside pipe wall by convection and radiation.
  • Large surface area reduces the pipe temperature, minimising any damage to the product.
  • Extended life of element due to lower element temperature and non-contact with product.
  • Easy element removal without the need to empty the tank.


  • Open coil ceramic: low to medium watt density applications. Nickel chromium alloy supported by circular ceramic insulators.
  • Semi-enclosed ceramic: high watt density applications. Nickel chromium alloy fully supported by slotted ceramic insulators.
  • Tubular metal sheath: high watt density applications or where vibration is present. Metal sheath elements supported by metal spacers
  • Custom design available to suit your specific application.


Typically used for:

  • Consistent and even heating of bulk storage tanks.
  • Reducing viscosity in products such as glucose, fats, and oils.
  • Accurate heating of temperature-sensitive materials such as fuels, acids, and corrosive materials.
Argus Heating design, manufacture, and distribute pipe insert elements to heat storage tanks, temperature sensitive materials and other difficult to heat materials.