Tubular Heaters

Tubular heaters are perfect for gentle and constant warmth in chilly and damp environments. They combine traditional design values with rugged construction and modern high-quality materials. Tubular heaters are tough, long lasting, economical, versatile, and reliable.  

Features and benefits

  • Convection heating gently warms air as it passes over the tube, efficiently combating winter chills and dampness.
  • Available in single, double, or triple-tier combinations and lengths ranging from 600 mm to 2.4 m long.
  • Incredibly efficient as a 1200 mm long single tier heater runs for nine hours on less than one unit of electricity.
  • An external plug-in thermostat and timer can be purchased separately for use with the tubular heater (stock code: TD033).


  • Steel tubes with powder coated (Hammerglaze Bronze colour) exterior.
  • 1.2 m PVC power cord and NZ/AUS plug.
  • Standards: AS/NZ60335.1:2011 and AS/NZ60335.2.30:2015
  • Certificate of Approval: SSA-201391-EA.


Typically used for:

  • Reducing chill in environments such as factories and warehouses.
  • Comfort heating and removing dampness from bedrooms, wardrobes, large halls, and dog kennels.
Argus Heating’s tubular heaters are available in single, double, or triple-tier configurations. An external plug-in thermostat and timer can be purchased separately.