Tubular Heaters

Argus Heating’s tubular heaters combine traditional design values and rugged construction with modern high quality materials. They are tough, long lasting, economical, versatile, and reliable.

Ideal for chilly and damp situations where an efficient heat source is required.


  • ‍Convection heating gently warms air as it passes over the tube, efficiently combating winter chills and dampness.
  • Available in single, two, or three tier combinations and lengths ranging from 300mm to 2.4m long.
  • A 1200mm long single tier heater runs for nine hours on less than one unit of electricity.


  • ‍Steel tubes with powder coated (Hammerglaze Bronze colour) exterior.
  • 1.2m PVC power cord and NZ/AUS plug.
  • Standards: AS/NZ60335.1:2002 and AS/NZ60335.2.30:2009.
  • Certificate of Approval: NZ12/003.


  • Factories
  • Wardrobes
  • Bedrooms
  • Churches
  • Large Halls
  • Shops
  • Airing cupboards
  • Dog kennels
  • Glasshouses and nurseries
Argus Heating’s tubular heaters provide a versatile and economical solution for reducing chill and dampness. They have a traditional design and rugged construction.